Skippy – Adoped!

Skippy Skippy is a Beagle/Schnauzer mix who is two years old and weighs just over 20 pounds. He is good with dogs, cats, and kids. Skippy should be kept on leash as he has had the lifestyle of a wanderer up until now, and will not be scared to go on an adventure down the road whether you want him to or not! Want to download an application form? Click the following link Once your application is complete you can send it to

Sadie – Adopted!

SadieSadie Sue is a 5 month old, 11lb Beagle pup! She is cute and sassy and loves to play! She would love to find an active family who would like to involve her in their lives! When left to her own devices she can be mischievous (beagle puppy, need I say more?), but she loves following me around the house where ever I go as long as I acknowledge her! She plays very appropriately with the dogs she has met so far, is very clear when the play becomes too overwhelming, and takes a hint when my older dog says NO! A very sweet, sweet girl. She will chase a cat if it runs, but as she is only young could be taught not to with the proper training. She does jump and mouth, so would require dedicated training if going to a home with young children to curb these behaviours.

She sleeps in her crate soundly all through the night (9-7), and is crated when she is to be left alone. I’ve been taping her when I leave her in the crate, and the amount she cries is slowly decreasing. For that reason, I feel apartment life would be undesirable for her. She also needs a little help with her housetraining. We’ve only had a few accidents so far, and they were due to not knowing her potty schedule yet.

She has a keen interest in plush toys! Her favorite thing to do is run around FOREVER with a stuffed shark. She also fond of chewing bones and antlers, and is starting to be able to focus on bully sticks a bit more! She is a bit of a busy body, so having a variety of these things available will let her baby beagle mind be able to float around from thing to thing and stay busy. Don’t count on her staying in room if you leave it though, because she prefers to be attached at the hip!

Want to download an application form? Click the following link

Once your application is complete you can send it to

Mila – Adopted!!


Mila’s adoption fee is $250.

Sweet little Mila was siezed by Animal Control along with a couple of other dogs, and came into our care traumatized, scared, and covered in wounds. She quickly put her past behind her and showed us what a sweet, cuddly lap dog she could be!

Mila is good with other dogs and with cats. She may occasionally chase a cat for fun but does not hurt them and would likely give a wide berth after discovering that cats have claws. (The cats in her foster home don’t smack her.) She should be fine with older kids but is too delicate for children under the age of six.

Mila is working on housetraining and making great progress. She exhibits some very mild separation anxiety but we expect it to disappear as she settles.

All of our dogs are in private foster homes throughout Nova Scotia. We do not work out of a facility and are therefore not open to the public. The first step in adopting a dog is completion and approval of an application. Please visit our website at to complete an application and learn more about Atlantic Small Dog Rescue.

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When your application is complete you can send it to We will check your references and arrange for a home visit. Please note, only one reference can be a family member and none of the references should be from people who live in the same household.